Tokyo Trip 2016 (Day 1) – Arrival



On the days onwards we are going to blog about our recent trip to Tokyo. It was our first time in Tokyo, which was super exciting!

Our plane touched down at Narita Airport, after a long 15 hour flight. Upon arrival, we could already spot the overvelmingly cute items from the various shops. We arrived here pretty early so we had a lot of spare time before we could check-in to our apartment, we then decided to just walk around the airport and find a place to eat.

Restaurant at Narita Airport, Tokyo Japan

We ended up at a cafeteria called N’s court on the 4th floor.

N's court cafe, Tokyo Japan The food was just okay. N's court cafe, Tokyo Japan


After getting some food in our stomach, we were ready to purchase our trainticket to embark on our journey into Tokyo. We were lucky enough to have a direct train to our house in Oshiage.  

After putting away our suitcases we went to the subway station to buy passmo cards- so we could easily travel around Tokyo, and headed straight to our first destination, Kinshicho.

We took the Hanzomo line from Oshiage station to Kinshicho station, which is only a stop away.

Japanese subway, Tokyo


When we arrived at Kinshicho we decided to go to Arca kit, which is a pretty huge deparment store. Arca kit houses the largest Daiso store in Tokyo. The store takes up the whole 7th floor!Arca kit, Tokyo Japan


Tony Moly, Tokyo Japan

After spending a few hours at Arca kit, we felt the jetlag kicking in, so it was time to head home for some much needed rest. But before heading home we decided to drop by the local convenience store to get something to eat. We ended up eating ramen that night, cuz we were far to exhausted to get anything else.

Stay tuned for our next Japan post!


-Milla & Jouls <3


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