Tokyo Trip 2016 – Day 7: Ikebukuro & Sunshine City


Today’s destination was Ikebukuro! Which is a center of the otaku culture, although it is not as big and well-known as Akihabara. You will find a lot of malls and  department stores connected to the subway station here. 

Before heading there we decided to stop at Tokyo Solamachi to grab some breakfast. We ended up at a cosy little ramen place on the first floor.


Chicken and leak noodles~


Tonkotsu noodles~

After getting some good and filling food, we were ready for a long and exciting day. \(≧▽≦)/

Ikebukuro station


The Ikebukuro station was pretty spacious. You could easily access two big department stores here; the Seibu and Tobu from the underground entrances. We decided to head out of the station and walk to Sunshine City. Sunshine city is a big shopping complex with a lot of shops and restaurants. They even have an indoor theme park.


gift gate, tokyu hands


Tokyu hands had a lot of super cute bento stuff!σ(≧ε≦σ) Are anyone interested in a bento haul/recipe?

Sunshine City was indeed a really big shopping complex, sadly we only managed to visit some parts of it. (╥ω╥)

sunshine city

Fountain in Sunshine City .



The Pokémon center at Sunshine City




Pokémon candy and cookies ♡


So tempted to buy everything. (*/ω\)

There were these walls outside of the Pokémon center with prints of Pokémon on it. Each wall had Pokémon from the different generationsWhat is your favorite Pokémon generation?


Some more photos from our day ╰(´• ᵕ •`)╯ :




drrrr!This really looks like a scene from Durarara!


We decided to stop at a pizza place to get some dinner before heading back home.


Tokyo Banana

tokyo bananaWe went on a quick trip to Tokyo Solamachi to get some desert, and ended up buying some Tokyo Bananas.

Which is a MUST try if you’re ever in Tokyo! They have it in the original banana flavour, in addition to chocolate, maple syrup, caramel and strawberry. We got the one with banana flavour (°◡°♡).


“Has anyone tried Tokyo banana before? If so, which one is your favorite flavour?”


Stay tuned for our next Japan post!

– Milla & Jouls <3


<– Day 6^^


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip 2016 – Day 7: Ikebukuro & Sunshine City

  1. I miss Tokyu Hands! Such a neat shop.
    And we never did try the Tokyo Banana dessert even though we saw the stands selling them – now I wish I had!

    1. Yeah Tokyu Hands is a great shop, we especially loved their HUGE selection of bento boxes. Will be doing a haul on that later on 🙂
      Stashy you should definitely try some Tokyo Banana the next time you’re in Tokyo ^_^

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