Tokyo Trip 2016 – Day 3 : Akihabara


On our third day we decided to go to Tokyo’s capital of otaku culture, and electric town, namely Akihabara. Akihabara is a very unique spot that everybody should definitely check out, if you have the chance to. Even if you’re not into anime/ and manga or electronics.

Gatcha pon AkihabaraWhen we arrived at the subway station we could already spot a lot of anime posters and gatcha pon machines.

Akihabara station exitWe got out at the electric town exit and the first thing we spotted were teamed cafes like the gundam cafe and AKB48 cafe.


The first store we went to in Akihabara was a three storey souvenir store, cuz they had some super cute kokeshi umbrellas that looks like the one Milla got in Korea. The store also had a lot of other cute stuff .

akihabara, Tokyo JapanSo cute~ (≧◡≦) ♡

Akihabara, Tokyo Japan

There is like arcades everywhere in Aki!

Akihabara, Tokyo Japan

softmap, Akihabara Tokyo Japan
Any Gintama or One piece fans? (*^ω^)


We also went to the Don Quijote here. Don Quijote is probably one of the best shops in Tokyo when it comes to discounted stuff. The store itself is pretty disorganized, but they seriously have anything you are looking for. You can find snacks, cosmetics, clothing and so on. And if you are looking for strange “just in Japan” stuff, then this is the place for you.

Akihabara snacks
So much snacks (╯✧▽✧)╯.

don quiote, Tokyo Japan

Don Quiote, Tokyo Japan


After spending quite a lot of time in Don Quite, we decided to find a place to eat and ended up at a ramen store in the Akihabara UDX building. After that we decided to go to the anime center since we were at the same building. And I do not recommend it at all, it was very disappointing.

ramen, Tokyo Japan

anime centre, Akihabara Tokyo Japan


We decided to also look for a specific store/ place that only had gatcha pon. The place was pretty hard to find, but we manage to find it somehow. And that is mostly what we did today (─‿‿─).


“Have any one else been to Akihabara?”


-Milla & Jouls <3

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip 2016 – Day 3 : Akihabara

  1. Oh, they have Pepsi Sakura? How could I miss it? At least I have a reason to go back to Tokyo soon again:) I was in Akihabara early July, when were you there?

    1. Yes Mitzie Mee, that and among many other great reasons to go back (´。• ᵕ •。`).
      We were also in Tokyo early July ^^

      – Milla & Jouls <3

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