City walk and sushi dinner ~ September 2017

Hello everyone ~


Me and Jouls have been such homebodies lately, so today we wanted to go for a walk around the city. This is one of my favorite things to do, in my spare time. As I find just wandering around, without having anything specific on my schedule – so relaxing. Not to mention that it was sunny outside, so we didn’t want to waste the day by being inside.

We went to the pier near Solsiden, which is usually very crowded during sunny days. So the restaurants near that area was packed as usual.





We spotted this red vacuum cleaner sculpture, this is our the first time seeing it. So maybe it is newly placed here? We are not sure though.



Sushi dinner 🍣

Later that day, we dropped by one of our favorite sushi restaurants in town- Ya Sushi. We have been craving for sushi lately, so we decided to go for the sushi buffet. In that way, we can eat till our heart’s content. The thing that I like with this sushi buffet, compared to other sushi buffets in town, is that they make your sushi by order. So the sushi is freshly made.


We ordered a lot of sushi for just two people.

Sushi dinner
The first round of sushi


We were still not full after the first round of sushi 🍣. So we wanted to order one more round. After a few more bites at the second round, we became so full. But there was still some pieces left on the plate. We had to take a mini break before finishing the food. As we didn’t want to waste the sushi, as it was really delicious.


sushi dinner
Second round of sushi


After dinner we walked past a café called Fairytale. I heard that they have good desserts there, but since we were so full after the dinner. We thought it was best to skip dessert this time.





Stay tuned for our next blog-post!

-Milla <3



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