Sushi and Coffee date in Trondheim♡

Hello, everybody~

Me and Milla haven’t had the time to hang out and do something together in a while. So we decided to go out and grab some lunch at a sushi place nearby. And just walk around and maybe do some shopping and go to a café to grab some coffee and just talk and catch up a bit.(o^▽^o)


Sushi Buffet  (´• ᵕ •`)


The buffet had a variety of different stuff from your traditional nigiri sushi with salmon or scampi to sushi rolls like california rolls and such. They also have egg-/spring-rolls, some dim sum, and a variety of skewers such as chicken skewers with a nut sauce. Milla was a fan of the skewers, but I personally didn’t quite enjoy them.

I overall didn’t think the food at the buffet was that great. Like some of the rolls had fruit in it like; apple and strawberry. Like what, nori, rice, fish and fruit, I can’t exactly say that it is my cup of tea. But my favorite was probably the Nigiri sushi which is more on the traditional side. And I have to say that I REALLY miss japanese sushi. Other sushi ain’t the same after tasting japanese sushi! (⌒_⌒;)



Can still find some random christmas light hanging up. (・_・ヾ


They had this super cute drinking cup at the bookstore. (*)

Coffee Break❤



After some shopping and just walking around we decided to head to Starbucks to just get something to drink and sit down and chat. Before we head home. It was fun to have a day out, but it is not that much to do here in Trondheim which makes me miss traveling a lot! o(TTo)




Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^ 

-Milla & Jouls <3


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    1. I know right 🙂 So we bought one each, as they were just too cute to resist.


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