A chill summer day: SuperHero burger and board games

Hello everyone ~


We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Me and Jouls didn’t do much, as we just wanted to have a quiet weekend. We woke up pretty late, as we didn’t have much on our schedule. Which is a luxury, as it can be pretty hectic at times, with work and school.

The weather was so nice, so we decided to go for a car ride around the city. Which for me, is a good form of de-stressing. The scenery looked extra beautiful during this sunny summer day.

summer scenery



SuperHero Burger & Board games

Later on, we decided to drop by SuperHero Burger, which is one of the best burger restaurants in Trondheim. We haven’t had the chance to try their burgers, until now. As it was always so packed, every time we dropped by. But luckily, it was less crowded today. Both of us ordered the bacon cheese burger, as well as some chili truffle chips and chili cheese chips.

The fun thing with this restaurant, is that they have a variety of board games. So it can be quite fun bringing some friends here, to enjoy a meal while playing some board games at the same time.


Superhero burger



Superhero burger


We played a game called ‘Cards Against Humanity‘, which was quite fun. But I think it would have been better, if there were more players ( maybe next time we’re here).

The burger that we ordered was really good, as well as the cheese and  truffle chips. But the portion size for each person was quite big. Even though the food was good, but we spent forever finishing it. We had to take small breaks, as we were so full. I think spent around two hours in the restaurant.

Superhero burger



Expresso House

Expresso house
Cold brew coffee with condensed milk.


After lunch, we met up with some friends at Expresso House.

And this wraps up our day.


Stay tuned for our next blog post!


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