Sunny summer day~ July 2017

Hello everyone 🌸~


The weather in Trondheim was exceptionally good today. Although it generally has been terrible; as it’s been gloomy most of June until now. But except for today ^^

Seeing the blue cloudless sky again, just brightens up my mood. I wished I could spend the entire day outside, unfortunately I had to spend half of the day inside an office, working. But lucky for me, the sun was still out, when I headed out of my office.


So I decided to meet up with Jouls at Tyholt tower for dinner. We went up there to enjoy the view over the city. But decided to grab dinner elsewhere, as the restaurant was packed up there.

You can see the Tyholt tower in the background

Dinner time

We went into the city and had dinner at this Italian restaurant called Una. This place was also packed, but we managed to get a table anyway. We both ordered the seafood linguine with tomato sauce. And it was delicious, so was the bread that came with the dish 😋.

Seafood linguine at Una

After dinner, we had a nice walk around the city. Then we headed back home, where we decided to go for a bike ride, around the neighbourhood. I guess because we didn’t want to waste anytime being inside, when we could be outside; enjoying in this beautiful summer day. Which is a rare occasion in Trondheim.

I already checked the weather forecast for this upcoming week, and it will be raining most of the week 😑☂️.


So it was really nice being able to spend most of the evening outside. We found this beautiful hill-top, where you can see many parts of the city from here 🌇.


“What do you usually do on a sunny summer day?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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