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Hello everybody~

Since the weather was so nice today we decided to take a trip downtown to just walk around and chill. The weather here have been pretty bad and cold lately, so we didn’t want to let this beautiful sunny day pass by. We also wanted to try out this relatively new coffee place called Espresso House that have opened at a mall downtown.                ❤o(>ω<)o❤

Some random graffiti we saw on our stroll.


  ~( ´ ω ` ) ~



Espresso House

They had some pretty interesting drinks on the menu. Like caramel popcorn frappuccino, cookies and cream frappuccino, different cold brew coffee’s and so on. But we ended up buying a salted caramel warm latte and a salted caramel iced coffee, since it was one of the newer items on the menu.


The salted caramel latte ☕.


Salted caramel iced coffee.

And I have to say that the coffee at Espresso House is a lot better than the ones at Starbucks. The coffee was not that sweet and you can definitely taste the coffee, compared to Starbucks drinks which is overly sweet and sometimes watery. Like when we ordered the hibiscus tea from Starbucks, and it was like drinking tap water with a just a little hint of berry. It was like paying for overpriced tap water. ( ̄ω ̄ )



We saw these overly cute key chains at flying tiger 😍.



“How do you guys usually drink your coffee? And what is your favorite coffee chain?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

– Jouls <3

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    1. True, we bought one of those keychains each. Will be writing a blog post about our purchases from that day 🙂

      -Milla <3

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