Cute Stationary Haul ~ Spring 2017

Hello everyone~

Today’s post is about cute stationary. I went shopping the other day, in search of new items to add to my office desk, and this a result of it. I’ve always had a thing for cute items, and one of the things that truly made going back to school worth it, was the fact that I had the excuse of buying new school supplies/stationary. Honestly, I could spend ages at the book store, looking through the large selection of pencils, eraser, notebooks, planners, rulers, stickers etc., that they had in the store.



Cute stationary for Spring 💕

I always feel more productive and creative, when I have cute and colorful items at my desk. They just sort of keeps me motivated at work.

Cute stationary
Cute stationary

I bought this cute Mickey Mouse notebook, a planner, a pen, some cute hamster stickers and sakura bookmarks ( very suitable for spring). I also bought these paper clasps, which are color coordinated Green for ‘Boring’, Purple for ‘Notes‘, Yellow for ‘ Bits & Pieces‘, Red for ‘Get It Done‘ and Pink for ‘ASAP‘- This truly keeps me motivated ╰(*´︶`*)╯.

Other things that I got, are some sticky notes, a bear shaped vitamin pen, and a HUGE pink eraser used for ‘Big mistakes’. Another thing I bought (that might be a little childish), are Winnie the Pooh paper/envelopes. Guess me and my friends are a little old-fashioned, as we occasionally still send each other letters. There’s just something about a handwritten letter, that is more charming compared to an email or a text message ☺️.

I also bought a pink notebook and some paper folders.



And this wraps up my cute stationary haul 💕

Is there a particular stationary that you never seem to have enough of?

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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6 thoughts on “Cute Stationary Haul ~ Spring 2017

  1. Cute vitamin pen. I have the habit of buying cute pens every time I am at the book store, but I always end up misplacing them somewhere 😂

    1. I know the feeling I usually misplace lots of things, and not just pens 😆


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