Spring/ Early Summer Denim Outfits ♡

Hello everybody~

Todays blog post is some spring/ early summer denim outfit ideas. This is some pretty casual everyday outfits that you can use to school or just when you hang out. (o´▽`o)


Outfits :

Outfit nr 1. consist of a denim jacket with fur and a basic striped turtleneck, paired with some black dr denim plenty jeans. And some black and pink Nike runners to give it some pop up color. Most of the outfit except the runners and the watch is from ASOS. And denim jacket is from New look. We don’t remember where we bought the runners.



• ᵕ •`)

This rose gold Obaku watch from our favorites post pairs nicely with this outfit. Even though it is a casual outfit. (*^^*)




Outfit nr.2 also consist of some black dr denim plenty jeans and an oversized denim jacket with and basic gray zip hoodie inside which gives this outfit a more casual feel. The outfit is paired with some vintage flower Vans and a black and white New Era caps. The hoodie is from H&M, the Vans are from a local sports chain. The caps and jeans are from ASOS and the Denim jacket is from Cubus.



In this picture I paired the outfit with some Converse runners instead of the Vans. And I also wore a striped shirt underneath the zip hoodie. The striped shirt is from H&M. And I bought the runners from ABC mart back when we were on our trip to South Korea. We blogged all the days we were in South Korea. And you can find the blog posts here if you are interested. There is also post from our trip to Tokyo, Copenhagen and London. (≧◡≦)



“What is your favorite spring clothing garment?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Jouls <3

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    1. I love pastels, they are the perfect color for spring 🌸.


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