Fun day in the snow

Hello everyone~

Seems like winter is not quite over yet in Norway. The snow had already melted away, in the previous weeks. So I was ready to store away my winter clothes and find my spring wardrobe again 🌸. But little did I know, that the snow ❄️  would be back before I knew it.

But maybe that is a good thing? As winter break is almost here. In that way, it is nice to have some snow, for the winter activities. Such as skiing, which is something many of us Norwegians enjoy doing, in our spare time. Personally, I also enjoy sledding down the snowy hills during the winter, even though I may be getting a little too old for that ☺️.

Snowy Saturday

Me and Jouls decided to bring out our skis, on this sunny Saturday afternoon. It was so peaceful, going skiing in this beautful ski trail in the forest ❄️. And it is always a plus being able to be more physically active, as we have been a bit lazy in general.

snow trail
The ski trail looked like a snow tunnel


Being out there in nature, is such a nice way of de-stressing. I can understand why many of us Norwegians like being close to nature, and away from the bustling city life at times.

All the trees in the forest were covered in snow, and some of the sunlight was peeking through the trees. Which was such a beautiful sight ⛄️.

Snow covered trees
Snow covered trees

pretty forest



Later that day, we dropped by this Italian restaurant for some dinner 🍝. We were starving after going skiing for a few hours. Skiing is quite the exercise to burns off calories, we need to do this more often before the snow disappears.



What is you favorite thing to do during the winter or on snowy days?

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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