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Hello everybody~

Summer is over and Autumn is already here in Norway (´-ω-`). Autumn is actually my favorite season. I love the colors that the leaves have changed into. And the allergy season is finally coming to an end for me (ง ื▿ ื)ว
. And my favorite clothing colors is also fall colors. Fall clothes is seriously the prettiest and most stylish. But this season can get pretty wet and cold which is the negative side of it. And the cold weather brings us some lazy days where we usually just want to stay in. (ಡωಡ)



🍂 Day in Autumn 🍂


Today was a relaxing and lazy day for us. But we decided to not waste this beautiful fall day, and rather take it easy and go out for a walk. And enjoy the fall colors before it disappears. (/^-^(^ ^*)/

Today was a sunny day without any clouds, and it luckily weren’t that cold outside which made the walk enjoyable. (– ω -)

I just love the colors. The leaves on this tree is still half green and half yellow. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Does anyone else like the sound the crunchy leaves makes when you walk on it? ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

So beautiful! ❤ The sunset makes the trees and everything look even prettier! The scenery makes me want to walk around all day.

But we somehow ended up at a local mall. And here is a picture of our outfit of the day. I am wearing a grey jacket from H&M and black plenty jeggings from Dr Denim. And my shoes are from an Scandinavian shoe store. Milla’s outfit consist of pieces from Scandinavian stores except for the jacket which is from Zara.



“What is your favorite things to do in Fall/ Autumn?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

– Jouls <3

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