Quiet Saturday walk at Nidelva ~ September 2017

Hello everyone ~


Hope that you all had a good weekend. I had such a busy week, so I was really looking forward to the weekend, in order to recharge my batteries a bit. But it turned out that I had to head to work on Saturday as well.




Luckily I finished work early on Saturday, so I decided to meet up with some friends after that. But before that, I wanted to go for a small walk; to de-stress a bit. It is so relaxing walking around the Nidelva area. And I really like the crisp fresh Autumn air, during this time of the year. This is probably my favorite season.


It’s been a while since I’ve been here, so I completely forgot how beautiful it is here. So I couldn’t help but to take some photos, which is something that me and Jouls enjoy doing in our spare time.


There is this sporting arena near the river, and there were quite a number of people exercising and jogging around the race track. How very sporty of them, too bad I have been quite lazy when it comes to sport and exercise.


People also usually go kayacking in the Nidelva, especially during the sunny evenings, when it is extra beautiful.




You can spot some of the famous attractions in Trondheim from a distance. Such as Nidarosdomen, the Tyholt tower and the Christiansten fortress, which we have written about in our earlier blog posts.



This is probably one of my favorite photos that I took that day. It sort of reminds me of a painting. In my opinion, the scenery was even more pretty in person. Too bad that the camera could not quite capture that.


What is your favorite thing to do to de-stress?

Stay tuned for our next blog- post!

-Milla <3

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