Minnie Mouse Vans & Classic Slip-on Vans

Hello everyone ~


This is another ‘Purchase of the week’ post. And as the previous ones, this one also involves shoes. Which seem to be the only thing, that I’ve been buying lately. But I just can’t help it, lately, every time I am at the store, I just manage to find a pair/ or pairs of shoes, that I want to get.


I think I need to practise more self-control when it comes to my shoe purchases. Something, that Jouls would agree a 100% on  (^-^*)/. She tells me that I should stop buy more shoes from now on.


Minnie Mouse Vans

The first pair that I bought, was the Vans Classic Cream Minnie Mouse Slip On TrainersI really like the color and print, these might even be my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. I’ve been pairing them up with my summer outfits. And they look good paired up with a dress, skirt or pants.


Colorful Minnie Mouse shoes, which is perfect for summer




Vans Classic Slip On


I also bought another pair of Vans, which are the classic slip on trainers in the color black. This pair is more versatile compared to the Minnie Mouse ones. As I can also wear them during autumn and spring, while the Minnie Mouse one is more suitable for summer. I think I will be wearing them frequently, during this upcoming autumn ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ .


Good thing that these are slip on shoes, as sometimes I am too lazy to tie my shoes laces (o^ ^o). Especially during the early mornings, where I am rushing to head out of the house.


They are perfect for casual wear or even going out.




What is your favorite pair of shoes at the moment?


Stay tuned for our next post!

-Milla <3


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