Mini Accessory Haul: Cute Keychains & Stationary

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We thought we would show you what we bought during our outing last week ☀️. Not surprisingly, we bought ourselves some cute stationary. As you might remember us mentioning our love for stationary in a previous blog post ☺️.

Stationary kit

So the first thing that we got, were these mini stationary kits from a store called Nille. Lucky for us, they were on sale as well (only 1 $ each), so we bought one in fuschia and one in blue.

Each kit include a mini scissor, tape, staple machine, paper clips, pencil sharpener and a staple remover. Which is quite practical to carry around in your bag/backpack, when you go to school or work. As you never know when they might come in handy.



Mini stationary kit
Mini stationary kit

Cute key chains

We also dropped by the Tiger store that day. Which is where we spotted these cute key chains. Each one had adorable tags on them. We honestly wanted to buy all of them. But restricted ourselves to buying four key chains instead; the one with the tag “Guess for where“, ” Our dream home” and “Mine“.

The Tiger store is one of the stores that we always enjoy visiting, as there are so many cute things in there. We could easily browse around that store for half an hour or more. It sort of reminds us of Daiso, even though we prefer Daiso. But unfortunately we don’t have that store in Norway. So you could imagine how happy we were when we found the large Daiso store at Arca Kit 😍, the last time we went to Tokyo.

Adorable key chains from Tiger
Adorable key chains from Tiger
Purchase of the week
Purchase of the week

And this wraps up our mini accessory haul ╰(*´︶`*)╯.

What is your favorite stationery store?“✏️

Stay tuned for our next blog post!

-Milla <3

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3 thoughts on “Mini Accessory Haul: Cute Keychains & Stationary

  1. I just love cute accessories especially stationery. Those keychains you got are so adorable.
    I love Tiger stores – I wished they had stores here. I’ve only come across Tiger stores in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Japan!

    1. I didn’t know that they have the Tiger store in Japan ^^. The one in Norway is quite new, we often drop by the store when we’re are in town.

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