Milla’s Mini Clothing Haul ~ February 2017

Hello everyone~


Here is a mini clothing haul from my recent shopping trip. I had some time off the other day, so I thought ‘what better way then to spend it on some retail therapy?’╰(*´︶`*)╯.

I think it’s  usually fun shopping with friends and getting their opinions on things. But at times, it’s really nice going shopping on your own. As I can spend HOURS browsing around the stores, while some of my friends just don’t have the patience or shopping stamina to do so (≧◡≦).

Jouls would sometimes complain about me spending too much time in a single store. There was this one time where I spent like 2 hours at this tiny clothing store. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re looking through numerous items to your liking.

In that case, it’s really great to go shopping on your own, visiting as many stores as you want. And being able to browse through the endless isles of items, at your own pace. I don’t know about you, but just walking around the stores is my form of de-stressing ( ◡‿◡ ).


Mini Clothing Haul


I found this cute mock turtleneck in pink, which I think is a nice basic item to have in your wardrobe. As you can mix it up with a pair of jeans, a dress or a camisole top.


Mock turtleneck in pink and skinny jeans, Clothing haul
Mock turtleneck in pink and skinny jeans
Pyjamas inspired top, Clothing haul
Pyjamas inspired top


Couldn’t resist buying this pyjamas inspired top, which has been quite trendy lately. Supposedly you can wear this going out. So I am planning on wearing this with jeans. In that way, it doesn’t completely look like ‘I just rolled out of bed, and didn’t have time to change before heading out’. But not sure if I can pull off this pyjamas look though (o^ ^o).





I found this grey form-fitting dress from H&M, which is a nice addition to my wardrobe. As it’s a very versatile item. You can wear this casually to work/school or going out. Just pair it up with some sneakers or stilettos and some accessories – And voila! You got yourself an outfit that you can wear during the day and evening ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ .

Grey form fitting dress, Clothing haul
Grey form fitting dress

Also bought two other dresses, I especially like the shade of green on one of them, while the black camisole dress would be nice to pair up with a turtleneck.


Green basic dress and black camisole dress, Clothing haul
Green basic dress and black camisole dress


Casual wear

The last few items are just clothes that I would usually wear on a lazy day at home. I just had to get that pink kitty top, as it was so cute 💕 .

Casual outfits, Clothing haul
Casual outfits

Casual outfits, Clothing haul


And this sums up my mini clothing haul


What’s your recent shopping purchase? And do you prefer shopping with  friends or on your own?


Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^ 

-Milla <3



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