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Hello everybody~

Today I decided to make a mini haul post of some of my recent makeup purchases. And I will also do some swatches of the products for you guys. The makeup products that I have purchased are all from H&M. H&M makeup is pretty affordable, and I have tried some of their other products earlier like their nail polishes which you can read about here. And all of the products that I have tried so far have all been pretty impressive. o(>ω<)o


I bought two of their sheer lipsticks/ colours in Keepsake & Sweet Pea. As the name says this is a sheer or semitransparent lipstick that is pretty similar to a tinted lip balm. (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

Here are the ingredients. And if anyone was wondering the lipsticks are made in Italy. And an other tip for you guys is the little opened box symbol in the corner. The box tells you how long the product will last after it is opened. And in this case the product will last up to 24 months.

I love the packaging with the white cap and golden logo. It makes the product look luxurious and elegant. (*¯︶¯*)

There is also a sticker at the bottom of the case that tells you what color it is.

 This is Keepsake which is a nice natural pink color. This one does have some glitter in it, but it doesn’t show when you put it on. You can also see how much product you will get. And I think that this is a lot for how affordable the lipstick is. \(ω)/

This is Sweet Pea which is more of a fuchsia almost hot pink color. But it is sheer lipstick after all so it won’t be that bright when you actually put it on.


 Sweet pea to the left and keepsake to the right. They are both very wearable everyday colors. (@´ー`)ノ゙



I was also looking for a new pencil eyeliner and stumbled upon this one. The color and the price was pretty nice so I thought why not give it a try. I got the eye pencil in the color rich cocoa, which is a nice dark brown color that is perfect for everyday use.

This eye pencil is really creamy which is perfect for tightlining. And it is also very blendable and stays on all day. This pencil is made in Germany. ★

“Have you tried out any of the lipsticks/ colors from H&M? If so what do you think?”

Stay tuned for our next blog- post!

-Jouls <3

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