A Spring Day in London: Covent Garden & Bloomsbury

Hello everyone~

I went on a short trip to London this weekend 🌸. I arrived pretty late on Friday night, so there were no  time to do any sightseeing that day. Then I met up with my friend the next day, where we spent a quiet Saturday together.

The hotel that I stayed in was near the Russels square station, which is pretty close the central area of London. It was only around a 10-15 minutes walk to Regent street, Oxford street and Covent Garden. Which is great, as I can go shopping and just walk back to the hotel to leave my stuff before heading out again. Which was very practical as I hate carrying around lots of shopping bags inside the crowded tube.

Bloombury area in London
Bloomsbury area in London

At the park

Spring is already here in London ヽ(o^―^o)ノ, which is a big contrast to the gloomy weather back home. So it was really nice being able to escape the terribly weather in Norway, to experience the beautiful Spring weather here. I spotted some beautiful cherry blossoms🌸, when I sat on the train from Heathrow airport to the city. That is a rare sight for me, as we do not have any cherry blossoms in Trondheim 😣.

I have always wanted to visit Japan during spring, to see the cherry blossoms/ sakura trees. But I have not had the chance to yet. So I guess seeing them in London was a good second option.

Mini park in spring, London
Mini park

There was this tiny park in front of the hotel that I stayed at. So me and my friend went in there, bought a coffee, and sat down on the grass, as some of the locals here. It was so peaceful, just sitting there and chatting away for an hour or two.

Covent Garden, London

Afterwards, we walked to Covent garden and spent a few hours here. Browsing through some of the stores. The area was so crowded like always ☺️.

We sat down at one of the cafés and had some tea.


Later that day, we walked to Charlotte’s place and had dinner at one of the Italian restaurants here. There are so many restaurants in this area, so I definitely recommend coming here for lunch /dinner.

And this wraps up my short London-trip 💕

Have you been London before?, and what’s your favorite restaurant here?

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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6 thoughts on “A Spring Day in London: Covent Garden & Bloomsbury

    1. London is definitely worth a visit, it’s lovely there during the spring 😃🌸.

      -Milla <3

  1. I love going to London, one of my fave restaurants is this sushi restaurant near Covent garden 😁

    1. Then I need to check out that restaurant, the next time I am there 😊.

      -Milla <3

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