Late Spring / Summer Outfit Ideas 2017

Hello everybody~

It is finally the beginning of summer! This means that the weather is finally starting to get warmer, and the days longer. It is somehow never dark here in Norway in the summer. You can like look out your window at 3am and still see that it is bright outside (・・;)ゞ . And since the weather is starting to get warmer I decided to make a blog post about some late spring / summer outfit ideas. The outfits are all really simple and casual, which is perfect for an everyday look. Since the early summer here in Norway usually is still pretty chilly, I would then for most of the time still use long sleeve shirts. But we do have some pretty warm summer days to!(*・ω・)ノ

✿ Late Spring / Summer Outfits ✿:



This first outfit is more suitable for some of the more chilly days. The jeans, turtle neck and the shoes are all from H&M. And the clock is from Obaku. When I first saw these shoes at the store I knew I just had to get them, cuz they are just so cute! ⌒(≧▽​° )


These two next outfits are some of my favorites. They are comfortable and casual. But they can also be more formal if you pair it with som accessories. The turtle neck is from H&M. And I bought the shorts from a shop called GU in Tokyo. These shorts are so comfy! And I wish I bought some in other colors to! (╯3╰)


This turtle neck is also from H&M. And the shorts are from Forever 21.


This last outfit is a really simple one that is more suitable for some of the warmer days. This outfit would probably go well with some Toms or Vans (or any type of sneakers). The shorts are from Forever 21 and the t-shirt is from some random store in Seoul. ^^




“What is your favorite go to summer outfit? And what is your favorite thing about summer?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

– Jouls <3

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