A sunny day at Ladestien & talerøret

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Me and Jouls went to Ladestien a few weeks ago, where we spent the day at the Lade area. We took a many photos during that day, which we thought we could share in this post.

This was during the late summer, so the weather was still pretty warm. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to spend the last days of summer at outside near the waters. We made some lunch and headed to Lade to have a picnic.



The Lade area is a very popular during the summer, as you can see the beautiful Trondheimsfjorden from here. It was not that long ago, that I went fjordrafting with some colleagues. It was my first time going fjordrafting, so it was quite the experience. The waves were very strong that day, so if I was to describe fjordrafting that day, it would be bumpy. I sat in the front so practically it felt that I was riding the waves. It was quite the workout, as I felt sore the next day.



There were this huge construction site near Lade when we went there. Seems like they are building some new apartments here. I wouldn’t mind having an apartment here, as that I means I get to see the Trondheimsfjorden everyday ^_^.







After our picnic, we decided to walk along Ladestien ,to get to into the city. We could have taken the bus, but since it was so nice outside ,so walking seemed like the better option.

Lade path



It was so peaceful walking along the path and looking at the Trondheimsfjord, and feeling the fresh sea breeze.


Doing some boat watching


There is this megaphone at the end of the Lade path. It is such a nice spot to take photos.



“How did you spend the last days of the summer?”

Stay tuned for our next blog- post!

-Milla <3

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