Korea Trip 2016 – Day 12: Garosugil & Hello Kitty Café



Today’s post is about our visit to the Hello Kitty café  and Garosugil\(^▽^)/. We previously walked past the Hello Kitty café during our day in Hongdae a few days ago, but we didn’t go inside. So this time we wanted to check out the café.



Hello Kitty café
The main entrance of the café is very cute and girly, like a life-sized doll house.


Hello Kitty cafe


It was very crowded when we stepped inside the café, so we just proceeded to make our order at the counter. Then we went up to the second floor, where it was supringly less crowded. We loved the Hello Kitty theme throughout the entire café! The chairs and decorations were so adorable (≧◡≦)💕.


Hello Kitty cafe


We ordered the Hello Kitty shaped waffles with chocolate & caramel sauce 💜, and some coffee .

Hello Kitty cafe



Hello Kitty, Hongdae
Even the restroom was covered in pink



The next stop on our schedule was Garosugil in Gangnam, which is considered one of the “it” streets of Seoul. Since it’s a very popular spot, so you might even bump into some Korean celebrities here.( You can get to Garosugil by taking the subway line 3, exit 8 of Sinsa station).

It is quite the trendy neighborhood, here you will find tons of  boutiques and artisan shops.  In the side streets, are also many food stalls; where you can find local traditional dishes (ex. Korean BBQ). As well as good restaurants and nice cafes ☕️.


Nice cars on streets of Garosugil


When we saw that they had a Softree store here, we just had to go in and get some honeycomb ice cream🍧.

Softree store in Garosugil
Softree ice cream store in Garosugil




This wraps up another day here in Seoul💕



Have you been to a Hello Kitty café or Garosugil before ? 


Stay tuned for our next Korea Trip Post!

-Milla & Jouls <3


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