Korea trip 2016: Goodbye Seoul ( ̄~ ̄)/


Today is our last day or more specific our last morning here in Seoul, Korea. Since we were flying around ten, we had to get up really early today, to head to the airport since Incheon is pretty far away from our station.(; ̄Д ̄)



We were lucky that it weren’t a lot of people at the airport today. And we were even the first one at the baggage drop/ ticket counter. We were really happy that it barely were anyone at the security cheek (Which alway is), so that part went by really quickly.( ˘⌣˘)



The weather in Seoul was really pretty today! Much better that the other days, but this is sadly the day we are heading back.(>m<)



We had some coffee, kimbap and a cheese hot dog at the airport. I really do not recommend getting that cheese hot dog, except if you really really like cheese. The girl working there put like half of a big bottle of melted cheese sauce in it. I had to press out some of the cheese when I was eating it, cuz it was way to much! (#`Д´)

Helsinki Airport

We had to have a stopover at Helsinki Airport. And the plane back to Norway wasn’t before 5 whole hours, so we had a lot of spare time. Which we didn’t know how to use up.( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ





So we ended up at an O’learys to grab some food and kill some time.  And they luckily had some seats cuz the other eating places and even benches, were mostly full.


Burger and onion rings.🍔


Burger and fries🍟. The fries were pretty tasty. The burgers were not bad, but they weren’t cheap either. (>﹏<)


And after that we got on the plane back to Norway. And that ends yet another trip!☆



“What is your favorite area/spot in Seoul?”

Stay tuned for our next Blog Post!


-Milla & Jouls <3


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