Korea Trip 2016 – Day 22: Last Day, Myeongdong, Food



This is sadly our last full day in Seoul, Korea. That means that we are going back to rainy Norway tomorrow.(>﹏<) We decided to go back to Myeongdong today and do some last-minute shopping and then just head back, and grab some dinner at Seoul station then head home to pack. We would probably also take a trip to Lotte Mart to get some Food and Snacks to bring back home. Seoul station have a lot of restaurants that we haven’t had the chance to try out yet.(o^ ^o) And after that we have to get back home and pack.  Which would probably be a nightmare cuz we brought with us way more stuff than we needed. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ





It is always crowded here in Myeongdong. Myeongdong kind of reminds me of a bigger version of Harajuku. But I have to say that I prefer Harajuku over Myeongdong. Myeongdong is big, but you will find the same shops over and over. Like you will find that a makeup brand have 3 or more shops here. • •`)







Had to get some Softree ice cream before heading back 💗🍦.  This time I got the mango one, since Milla said it was good. But I personally think the honey comb one is a lot better than this one. But it wasn’t bad at all. (* ^ ω ^)




We head back to grab some dinner at a Korean restaurant in  Seoul Station at. Since Seoul Station is so close to where we live, and we can just go to Lotte Mart to get some stuff afterward. (≧◡≦)



So many side dishes. (≧◡≦)




I don’t remember what we got, but it was bulgogi with some glass noodles and a broth and rice on the side.

And this ends our last full day here in Seoul, Korea. *: ・゚





“What is your favorite thing to do in Korea?”

Stay tuned for our last Korea Trip Post!


-Milla & Jouls <3


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