Korea Trip 2016 – Day 18: Bennigan’s, Cheonggyecheon


We decided to have a kind of chill day today, and just explore the area close to us. So we decided to go back to the cheonggyecheon stream, cuz we walked the wrong way last time. And didn’t manage to see the beginning of the stream or the spring sculpture. (//ω//) And it is only one stop away from our station, which is a big plus. ( ˘3˘)



Cheonggyecheon stream

The last time we were close to this stream was when we were in Dongdaemun, and somehow ended up walking the opposite direction. This time we decided to just head straight to where I saw the spring sculpture the other day.  Which was Gwanghwamun, that is only one stop away from our station.  (*^ω^)



A little waterfall at the beginning of the stream.



So many couples here.




There were also a water fountain at the very beginning of the stream.




The spring sculpture.





There is an american restaurant at our station called Bennigan’s, that we thought looked pretty interesting so we decided to head there for dinner.


Milla got Teriyaki chicken and a baked potato.




And I got burgers with fries.

The atmosphere in this restaurant was really nice. It had a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The food was okay, and a bit expensive.

I have noticed that we don’t actually eat a lot of korean food. But I personally am not big a fan of spicy food, and the majority of korean cuisine are too spicy for me. (>﹏<)

And that wraps up yet another day of our Korean trip. We still have some days left, but we are actually kind of running out of places to visit.



“What is your favorite type of restaurant?”


Stay tuned for our next Korea Trip Post!

-Milla & Jouls <3


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