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Today’s post is recommendations post. I thought I would make a post about some japanese snacks that you should try out. This is snacks that I tried on my trip to Japan last year. We have made blog posts from our whole trip. If you are interested you can find the posts in our Travel category. ( ´ ▽ ` )





Tokyo Banana🍌



Tokyo Banana is a known Japanese sweet. It is famous for being the souvenir sweet of Tokyo. Tokyo Banana comes in many different flavours other than the original banana flavour, like chocolate, caramel and maple. This sweet is basically a really soft sponge cake with a custard filling inside. The pastry is kind a like a small banana shaped roll cake/ swiss roll. (*´▽`*)




Tokyo Banana is pretty tasty, but I have to say that the fresh ones like the strawberry one in the picture is a lot better. So you should definitely try those out if you are able to get a hold of them.





Japan is known for having a lot of unique KitKat flavors, like cheesecake, pumpkin, sweet potato. And some really interesting ones like wasabi, sake, seafood. They also have ones that you should bake before eating. My favorite flavor is the matcha one, but I love matcha generally. (o^ ^o)



Pocky and other biscuit snacks


Pocky is basically a chocolate covered bread stick. But this is another snack that comes in a lot of flavors. Some flavors you should try out are matcha, caramel, milk tea, azuki beans. Or more unique ones like kinako, kurogoma, pumpkin and Kobe wine.



Pretz is another stick shapes snack, but this one is more on the savory side. Pretz and Pocky are from the same producer. Some of the flavors that is pretty tasty is; butter, salad, bacon, cheese and edamame.




Umaibo or “delicious stick”  is a puffed corn snack with seasoning on it. This one is really affordable it retails for only 10 yen. The snack is pretty similar to Cheetos. Some flavor that I recommend is salad, corn soup and teriyaki burger.


And that was some japanese snacks that I recommend you to try if you are able to get a hold of it. (≧◡≦)




 “What is you favorite japanese snack?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

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