Milla and Jouls’ Japan Haul 4: Kokeshi umbrellas

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This is the fourth haul post of our recent Japan trip. And for today’s post we decided to write about these really cute Kokeshi umbrellas! We just couldn’t resist buying them, as they were just too cute! You can find these umbrellas in many of the souvenir stores throughout Tokyo. We got ours in Akihabara, there were so many colours to choose between, so it was pretty tough to only pick one out.
But I ( Milla) ended up buying the ones in purple and off-white/ light beige. While Jouls got the ones in black with different flower patterns.

I also purchased some similar umbrellas, one in pink and one in blue, during my trip to Seoul. But I thought it was wise to stack up on a few more, as we all know that the lifespan of an umbrella is fairly short. I also thought that would be a nice accessory to have in my bag. Since I always bring an umbrella with me every time I go out, as the weather in Norway is SO unpredictable. Honestly, during some days you get to experience four seasons in a single day.


Kokeshi umbrellas:

Kokeshi umbrella

Aren’t they cute?

We love the smiley expressions and kimono dresses on these Kokeshi umbrellas. They can also be used during sunny days, as these umbrellas have an UV protection layer as well. There were quite a number of people who were carrying umbrellas during the warm summer in Tokyo. This a rare sight in Norway, as the weather would rarely reach 30 degrees during the summer. And even if it did, you would not see Norwegians carrying around umbrellas to protect themselves against the sun. We think people would look at you weirdly if you did that ^_^.

More photos:

Kokeshi umbrella
Off-white kokeshi umbrella
Kokeshi umbrella
Black kokeshi umbrella
Kokeshi umbrella
Purple kokeshi umbrella
Kokeshi umbrella
Black kokeshi umbrella


“Which one is your favourite?”



Stay tuned for our next haul post!

– Milla & Jouls <3


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  1. I came across these in Hong Kong at the night market a few years ago – they were a hot product! I was tempted to get one but I didn’t. I like the purple one best because purple is my favourite colour – but, the one with the closed eyes is so sweet looking!

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