Japan Haul-Day 1


Here is a quick overview of some purchases from our first day in Tokyo, Japan. The first item I (Milla) got was this cute mini backpack. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it! The backpack was the perfect size. Practical, as there was enough space for my essential things (camera, water bottle, wallet etc.) and it was light enough to carry around, especially during vigorous days of sightseeing and shopping.

Mini backpack from Arca Kit, Tokyo Japan Haul
Mini backpack from Arca Kit


Daiso Japan

The Daiso store at Arca Kit  was among the stores that we visited on day 1  . We think that you’ll have to have a GOOD amount of self-control if you manage to not buy ANYTHING in there.

Let us just tell you that the moment we set foot in there, we  knew that most of the Japanese Yen in our wallets, would be gone by the time we’re done in the store >_<

As the entire seventh floor consisted of Daiso, we could have easily spent hours in there. We filled half the shopping basket, with everything from kitchen related to beauty items and snacks. Then the rational part of us took over, and we knew that it was time to head over to the counter, since we didn’t want to fill up our suitcases on the very first day.

Tokyo Japan Haul Day 1
Some items from Daiso (P.S. the snacks is not pictured, as we ate it all >_<)


The shopping prospects seemed very (or maybe too promising even) here in Tokyo. That got us to thinking on whether our wallets and suitcases will make it to end of this trip…

Stay tuned for our next Japan post!

– Milla & Jouls<3


“Have you ever walked into a Daiso store and came out emptyhanded? ” ^_^


4 thoughts on “Japan Haul-Day 1

    1. Thanks for dropping by our blog Emily! 🙂 Totally agree with you- Daiso is <3
      You can always find something to buy in there.
      You should definitely visit Japan when you have the chance ^^, there's so much to see, not to mention shopping in Japan is beyond awesome!

      -Milla & Jouls <3

  1. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to not pick up anything from Daiso! We were in Tokyo for the first leg of our trip, and then we travelled to Nagano and Kyoto, and then we went back to Tokyo to fly home. I had to restrain myself from buying anything during the first portion of the trip so that I wouldn’t be hauling stuff all over with me. It was difficult!

    1. Yep coming emptyhanded from a Daiso store is truly impossible >_< Lucky for us, we only stayed in Tokyo, so we didn't have to worry about carrying that stuff with us, all over Japan- That would be tough(。•́︿•̀。). The fact that you managed to restrain yourself during the first portion of the trip- is very admirable╰(*´︶`*)╯ -Milla ♡

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