Milla and Jouls’ Japan Haul 8: Cute wallets

Hello everyone~


For our eighth haul post, we are going to write about these cute wallets that we got in Tokyo. The selection of wallets are so much better in Japan compared to here in Norway. If you are into kawaii stuff in general, then Japan is definitely the place for you.

We got our wallets at the AbAb building in Ueno, which is a great place for shopping! Some of the clothes at AbAb were also much cheaper compared to other stores in Tokyo. So we managed to buy other cute items here as well. Conveniently, the summer sale in Tokyo had just started, when we were there in July (❦ ᴗ ❦ ).

There was this nice wallet store at AbAb, that had a huge variety of wallets; in different designs and colors. Honestly we felt like little kids in a candy store. So it was truly difficult to only pick one wallet out of this “wallet heaven” of a store. But  I (Milla) ended up buying a flower wallet by a brand called Capricieuxwhile Jouls got a mini wallet in white and purple by Jolie ange. The design of these two wallets are quite similar, and we  just love the girly design of them.

Kawaii wallets, Japan
Cute wallets from Japan



Cute flower wallet by Capricieux

This flower wallet is a nice addition to my growing wallet collection >_<. Everytime I spot a wallet that I like in a store, I just have to have it. I just cannot help it- Maybe I have a minor wallet addiction ? Or just a lack of self-control when it comes to cute items? 😛


Flower wallet by Caprieux, Japan
Capricieux flower wallet

Flower wallet from Japan


Jouls’ wallet:

Cute wallet by Jolie ange, Japan
Cute wallet by Jolie ange

Japan wallet


Do any of you have a particular item ( beauty products, accessories, fashion items etc.) that you can never seem to have enough of ? “.


Stay tuned for our next haul post!

– Milla & Jouls <3


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3 thoughts on “Milla and Jouls’ Japan Haul 8: Cute wallets

  1. I love LOVE wallets with the clasps like that – they’re so hard to find here. The last one I had was from Jill Stuart.
    I can never seem to get enough hair elastics – I pick them up whenever I see ones I like. I do misplace them frequently so it all evens out. 😛

    1. Hi Stashy, you can find these types of wallets in many of the stores in Tokyo (´。• ᵕ •。`).
      I can totally relate when it comes to misplacing hair elastics, they just seem to disappear out of nowhere (>_<). - Jouls♡

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