Milla and Jouls’ Japan Haul 6: Skin Care


Hello, everybody~ Todays haul post is about the random skin care products we bought in Japan . We have heard a lot of good stuff about Japanese skin care so we decided to try some for ourself. And a lot of these products had the “No.1” sticker on it, which probably means that it is one of the best-selling product.(o^ ^o)


Face Masks

We bought some face masks at Don Quiote, Tokyo hands and Loft.


This one is a sheet mask with “Gold” and Hyaluronic acid. These two has a lot of benefits for the skin, like anti-aging. This is a moisturising and anti-aging mask. This mask was actually pretty good! I love that it doesn’t leave a sticky or wet residue like most of the Korean sheet mask does.



This one is a brightening sheet mask with vitamin C. I haven’t had the time to try out this one yet. (-ω-、)



This one is a peel of mask, that takes out blackheads and even facial hairs. I have tried many other blackhead peel of mask, but none of them have actually worked. I have heard that the japanese ones have worked well, so I’m pretty exited to try it out! o(>ω<)o



The next one is black pore strips from Bioré. We personally didn’t like these one. It didn’t really do anything, which was pretty disappointing! o(>< )o


This one is the Perfect Whip face cleanser from SENKA. I was really impressed by this one. First of all I normally have pretty oily skin, but when I use this cleanser my face stays matte for days, even when I wash my face with only water.  


This one ain’t japanese, but I decided to get it cuz they don’t have it in Norway. And I have heard a lot of good stuff about this one. I have sensitive and combination skin, so I’m happy to find a gentle cleanser with not that many ingredients. 💗


I’m really exited about this one! It’s a Natural Aqua Gel exfoliator from Cure that fits all skin types, even sensitive skin. This is the No.1 selling exfoliator in Japan. And it doesn’t have any artificial coloring, fragrance, or preservatives which is always a big plus.   \(≧▽≦)/



And I also got this cream for free when I bought the exfoliator. (o´▽`o)



Have you tried any of these products?” or Do you have a favourite  Japanese skin care product?


Stay tuned for our next haul post!

– Milla & Jouls <3

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2 thoughts on “Milla and Jouls’ Japan Haul 6: Skin Care

  1. I’ve tried that Perfect Whip – it’s fun to foam up!
    I’ve been curious about that Cure Natural Aqua Gel exfoliator – do you like it?

    1. The Cure exfoliator is hands down my new all time favorite exfoliator! It is so gentle and removes all my dead skin. And my skin feels so soft after using it ^^.

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