Milla and Jouls’ Japan Haul 5: Bento boxes

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For our fifth haul post, we have decided to write about these kawaii bento boxes! These Kotobuki Geisha Doll  bento boxes was on our main shopping list, before we went to Tokyo. But they were SO difficult to find here in Japan. At first we found some samurai bento boxes during our day in Akihabara, but we decided not to buy them, as we preferred the girl version of these bento boxes. We went to Tokyu hands in Shibuya in hopes of finding them there, but they didn’t have it in the store =(. Although we did buy these cute panda bento boxes there.

We were starting to lose hope, as we only had a few days left of our trip. BUT then we just randomly spotted them in a store at Nakano broadway, let’s just say that we were super ecstatic!


Kotobuki Geisha Doll bento boxes

Kotobuki Geisha Doll bento boxes
Kotobuki Geisha Doll bento box


bento boxes

bento boxes

These Kotobuki Geisha Doll bento boxes consists of two tiers, so you can store the food in separate compartments, the top-tier also has a lid to prevent leaks. There’s also a bowl for soup and other liquids. In addition to an elastic band that secures this bento set together.


bento boxes

 Are anyone interested in a bento recipe post? 



Panda bentos

Here are some pictures of our panda bentos from Tokyu Hands, that store is seriously a bento heaven. They had so many bentos and bento related accessories there. Has anyone been there perhaps?

Pink Panda bento boxes
Pink Panda bento

bento boxes

bento boxes

They were just too cute to resist!  ♡

Panda bento boxes in black and white
Panda bento in black and white

Panda bento boxes in black and white


All of these bentos are made in Japan  So it would make a good souvenir gift to friends and family, or just for yourself.
We now feel more inspired to bring our own lunch to work and school .


So which one of these bento boxes are your favourite?” and  “What do you usually make for lunch?  (´。• ᵕ •。`)


Stay tuned for our next haul post!

– Milla & Jouls <3


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