Highlights From This Year Autumn | 2017

Hello everybody~

Since winter is starting to roll in for real I decided to make a kind of a throwback post of some of the highlights from this years autumn/ fall. I’m going to miss this season! But I have to say that I’m pretty exited for Christmas 🎅🎁! And I have kind a been feeling the christmas spirit since Halloween (or actually even before Halloween (*/▽\*) )🎄. But here are some of my favorite moments from this season:



🌰🍂 Highlights of autumn 2017 🍂🌰



The beautiful sight of the river on my walking/ jogging route. Walking close to nature and a river or some kind of water is seriously the best, it makes me feel relaxed and reenergized. ( ˘⌣˘)





Flying when it is sunset 🌇 ❤


That big circle of light is the (full)moon. This was actually the first time I have seen moonlight being reflected on water. It was really pretty and different, but also pretty creepy. (・・;)ゞ


I’m gonna miss seeing the sun rise everyday when I pull the curtain in the morning. All I see when I look out my window in the morning now is cloud + darkness. (+snow)







I can’t lie snow is really pretty to look at, (until people starts walking their dogs). It is surely gives me christmas spirit. Christmas without snow feels like there is a void that needs to be filled. ヽ(  ̄д ̄)ノ










“What is your favorite moment from this years autumn/ fall?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post!

-Jouls <3

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2 thoughts on “Highlights From This Year Autumn | 2017

  1. Great photos! That full moon photo is so cool! When there was a full moon here not long ago, it was a somewhat cloudy evening and the moon was half hiding behind some grey clouds – looked so classically spooky.

    1. Thank you Stashy 🙂
      We rarely get to see such a clear full moon, as it’s usually cloudy here during that time ^_^


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