My purchase of the week: FujiFilm Instax Share Printer

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The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 printerĀ is the topic of today’s post. There is just something very nostalgic with Polaroid cameras and photos. I have never owned a Polaroid camera before, and was thinking of buying one. Since there are so many different types of PolaroidĀ cameras on the market.

I was thinking of buying theĀ Ā INSTAX MINI 90 camera šŸ“·Ā with the retro design. But ended up gettingĀ theĀ Instax Share SP-2 printer instead. The main reason, was because I wanted to print photos directly from my smart phone. As this allows me to pick the ones that I want to print out, beforehand.




The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 printer


This printer looked much smaller in person, it sort of reminds me of a milk carton. The printer is quite fast, it takes around 10 seconds to print photos, and the overall quality is good. It was also very easy to use. Before first use; you have to charge it, then add the Instax mini film, download the Instax share app (both available for Android & iOS), then connect your phone to the printer and then you’re good to go (Ā“ļ½”ā€¢ įµ• ā€¢ļ½”`) /



The Instax Share SP-2 printer

The printer usually retails for 1841 NOK ( which is around 218$). But there was a sale going on at my local photo store. So I got mine for 109$ instead, which is quite the bargain. ItĀ was available in two different colors: silver and gold. I went for the gold one, which looks more like a bronze color to me.

There is a reprint button on the printer, which allows me to print severalĀ copies of the same photo- Which is great (^äŗŗ^).

The Instax Share SP-2
The Instax Share SP-2 uses the same Instax Mini film as the earlier Instax printers.



What are your experiences with Polaroid cameras or printers?

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^_^


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