My Favorite Sunscreens For Summer

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I stocked up on some sunscreens for the summer, so I thought that I would show you my all time favorite sunscreens. The sun can be quite damaging to the skin, so sunscreen is something that I wear all year-round. I remember hating wearing sunscreen, when I was younger. As the sticky feeling when applying it, was very uncomfortable.

So for me, it’s very important that a suncreen has high enough Sun Protection Factor (SPF), to protect my skin all summer long, and that it doesn’t feel greasy or make me break out when wearing it.
It has taken me some time, to find a favorite, among the huge selection of sunscreens out there. But I am glad that I’ve finally found a brand that I really like, which is Cliniderm.


Favorite Face Sunscreens

Finding a good face sunscreen is very important to me, as the face is our most exposed body part. I tend to switch between the Cliniderm face sunscreen with SPF 25, 30 and 50. SPF 30-50 is what I usually wear, during the summer, as the sun very strong during that time.

Cliniderm Sun Face Fluid with SPF 50, sunscreens

The Cliniderm Sun Face Fluid with SPF 50+, is very lightweight , so it doesn’t feel greasy when applying it on my face.

Cliniderm Sun Face Cream with SPF 30, sunscreens

The Cliniderm Sun Face Cream with SPF 30, is another favorite of mine for the summer. This cream is a little thicker compared to the Sun Face Fluid ( SPF 50+).

 Cliniderm Sun Face Gel Cream with SPF 25, sunscreens

The Cliniderm Sun Face Gel Cream with SPF 25, is the most matifying face-sunscreen compared to the ones with SPF 30 og 50+. I usually wear this during the summer evenings, when the sun is not at its strongest.




Favorite Body Sunscreen and SPF Lip Balm

My favorite body sunscreen is the Cliniderm Sun Milk with SPF 30, as it feels very light when I apply it on the skin. Another important thing for me, when it comes to sun protection; is remembering to apply spf on my lips as well. My favorite SPF lip balm at the moment, is from Harmoni.

Cliniderm Sun Milk with SPF 30 and Harmoni lip balm, sunscreens




What is your all time favorite sunscreen? “

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Sunscreens For Summer

    1. Hi Stashy I’m not sure if they have these products in Canada. The products in that link, look different from the Cliniderm products here, even though they share the same name ☺️


  1. I don’t go a day without sunscreen. Currently, I am using the Waterlover Sun Milk SPF 50 Sun from Biotherm.

    1. I have also integrated sunscreen as part of my daily skincare routine ^_^
      Haven’t tried the Biotherm one yet, maybe I will give it a try, when I run out of sunscreen 😃


    1. I think I saw that one at the store the other day, maybe I’ll try that out, the next I’m at the store 😊.


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