My Favorite Skin Care Products for Winter ♡

Hello everybody~

Todays post is about my current favorite skin care products especially for this season. The winter here in Norway is really cold and dry. Which is pretty bad for the skin, so you have to just try out everything to save your skin. (ノ*°▽°*)

✿ Products ✿



Starting of with the basic, cleansing. My favorite cleanser is still this japanese foaming cleanser from SENKA. But you actually shouldn’t use foaming cleanser on dry skin cuz it strips of the barrier we have on our skin that protects it from drying. But I really love the squeaky clean felling you get after using it. (*/▽\*)

I love to use this Clinique clarifying lotion after I remove my make up to really get everything of.




Next is exfoliating. Winter means dry flaky skin so it is good to have a exfoliator that helps to remove it. I have sensitive skin so I love to use a konjac sponge to exfoliate my skin. I really recommend you to get your hands on one yourself! It does a really good job on exfoliating the skin even though it is super gentle. I also love to use my Cure Natural Aqua Gel to exfoliate my face.

I have combination skin so I like to use this JorgObe peel off mask on my T-sone ones a week.





Lastly is probably the most important step, moisturising. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have either it be oily or dry skin you always have to moisturise your skin! Since the winter makes my skin extra dry and flaky i love to use this LA ROCHE-POSAY cicaplast baume B5. It does wonders on the super dry spots on my face and it actually have helped some of my acne spots heal!

The Clinique moisturizer is my all time favorite moisturizer for every season. I use it on my whole face and the cicaplast baume on the spots that needs something extra. (*/▽\*)





“What is your favorite winter skin care products?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Jouls <3



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