Favorite Fragrances Of The Month ~ August 2017

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So for today’s post, I will talk about my two favorite fragrances at the moment! I don’t really like strong scented perfumes, as it can get can get too overpowering, and not to mention headache inducing. So I usually go for light scented perfumes, that smells fresh and clean.


Favorite fragrances 💕:


Byredo Toile Textile perfume


One of my favorite perfumes, is the textile perfume from Byredo. As you tell by the name, it’s a textile perfume, so you don’t spray it directly on your skin, but on your clothes. This is my first time trying out a textile perfume and I quite like it.

If I were to describe this scent, it would be fresh laundry. I have been searching for a perfume that smelled like fresh laundry. So I am glad that I came across this one. On the Byredo website, they describe the scent as ‘a clean scent of sun-warmed cotton’.

favorite fragrances


favorite fragrances


The Byredo perfume has a note of: Bergamot, Fresh Aldehydes, Lily of the Valley, Violet Silk with a
base of Amber and Cotton Musks.



Adopt~ Vanille Bourbon Eau de parfum


One of my other favorite perfume, is one from a brand called Adopt. There were so many different perfumes from Adopt at the store. So it took me forever to pick one out . I was tempted to buy more than one, but I thought it was best to try out one first, before buying more.

I wanted to either try out the cotton, vanilla, caramel or musk one. And ended up going for the one with vanilla scent. This perfume has a more sweet scent compared to the one from Byredo. When you first spray it one, it smells just like newly baked pastries. And after a while you can really smell the sweet vanilla scent.

favorite fragrances


favorite fragrances


favorite fragrances



What is you favorite perfume at the moment?

Stay tuned for our next post!

-Milla <3

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Fragrances Of The Month ~ August 2017

  1. Mine favorite is Daisy from Marc Jacobs. That textile perfume sounds interesting.

    1. I have never tried the Daisy perfume before, but I think the design of the bottle is adorable =)


  2. I want to try the perfume from as byredo as I love the smell newly washed laundry 💕

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