DIY Monday: Hobby kit & Origami

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I recently did some spring cleaning and found this Origami set, that me and Jouls bought during our trip to Japan. I completely forgot that we even bought that. So for today, we decided to do some paperfolding/Origamiย ๐ŸŒธ. Which is something that we loved doing when we were younger ๐Ÿ˜.



But we have to admit that our Origami skills are a bit rusty ๐Ÿ˜Š. Luckily this Origami set comes with instructions. The set contains folding papers with various flag designs, which we thought was pretty cool. We spent a few hours folding these paper cranes, which is called Orizuru in Japanese. The Orizuru is a design that is considered to be the most classic of all Japanese origami ๐ŸŒธ.


paper cranes, origami

The first crane that we tried to make, was a total fail. But after a few tries, our skills improved, and the cranes turned out pretty well.


origami paper


The Origami paper comes with different flag designs. We kind of wished they had the Norwegian flag as well.

The Orizuru set, origami
The Orizuru set, which includes 100 origami papers.



Instruction pamphlet, origami
Instruction pamphlet



I recently bought this DIY kit, which I think might come in handy, as we are planning on making a scrapbook from our Japan trip.



DIY kit
Some of the tools from the DIY kit. I especially like the pink bone folder, which is quite handy when doing origami.



DIY project no. 2

Here is a peek at one of my DIY projects, which are Danish stars made from gift wrapping strings. I am planning on making 99 of them. But it is taking me forever to finish. But I especially enjoy doing this on days where I am bored and do not feel like going out.

Danish stars
Diy Danish stars


Have you tried Origami paper-folding before? Or are you into DIY things?

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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