Cute Spring Wallet Haul ~ March 2017


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Here’s a cute spring wallet haul post. I recently added four new wallets to my growing wallet collection. As I mentioned in an earlier post, about my love for cute items and my minor ‘wallet addiction’ (≧◡≦). I truly have a weakness for cute accessories.  And as spring is finally hereヽ(o^―^o)ノ✨, you can find so many cute wallets in the stores.  I especially love the ones in pastel colors, which just brightens up my mood.

I browsed through some of the online stores the other day 💻, and this is a result of it 💕. My intention was to maybe buy one wallet. But I ended up buying four instead. Because each wallet had different distinctive designs, so I couldn’t just pick one.


Mini Wallet Haul


Wallet no.1

The first wallet that I bought, was this pink one. It has a quilted pattern and a clasp design that I like
╰(*´︶`*)╯💕. What I love about this wallet, is the blue contrasting interior. There are also plenty of space to store my cards and money.


Pink quilted wallet, wallet haul
Pink quilted wallet

wallet haul


Wallet no.2

The second wallet that I bought, was this multicolored one. I think the colorful prints on it, is just too adorable.


Multicolor wallet, wallet haul
Multicolored wallet


Wallet no.3

The third wallet that I got, was this cute one, in pastel purple. It’s smaller in size compared to the other ones, that I bought, but I just love it. The design is very sweet and girly.


Pastel purple wallet, wallet haul
Pastel purple wallet


Wallet no.4

The last wallet that I bought, was this light pink one. I like the clasp detail, and front pocket which has a cute scallop design.

Light pink wallet, wallet haul
Light pink wallet

wallet haul


And this wraps up my mini wallet haul 💕.



“Which wallet is your favorite  from this haul?”



Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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    1. It certainly is, some of my friends even asked where I got it 😊


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