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Sadly summer is coming to an end. Which feels weird, as it feels like yesterday that the summer season began. But we are sort of used to it, especially when you live in Norway, where the summer are extremely short, and the winter season a bit too long, if you ask me.

The summer weather here is ever so changing, which means that some of my summer clothing ends up dusting away in the closet. As I don’t get the chance to wear them, before the chilly weather returns once again.

Lucky for us, we have been enjoying some warm summer days this past week. So I thought I could show you some of our ‘end of the summer’ outfits.


Summer Outfit no. 1


Jouls is wearing a cute baby blue dress from H&M, what I really like with this dress, is the cute ribbon detail at the sleeves. She paired her dress with a white pearl belt.

While I am wearing the Victoriana dress with bell sleeves from Dahlia. This is one of my favorite summer dresses at the moment.

I think both dresses compliments each other well. White and baby blue are colors that we both wear quite often, during this summer.


summer outfit



Summer Outfit 2


This second outfit would also be suitable for the fall. Though it would depend on the weather where you live. I am wearing a denim overall dress with a white v-neck top. This is one of my favorite denim overall dresses. It has taken me quite some time to find the perfect denim overall dress.  As many of the dresses in the stores, are quite baggy around the waist area, which gives you a kind of ‘boxy shape’ when wearing it.


But the overall dress that I finally found, has two button at each side of the waist, which accentuate and gives of a slimmer looking waist.

summer outfit


Jouls is wearing a plain white t-shirt, paired up with a classic black strap dress. This is a nice casual outfit, which is both comfortable and chic.


summer outfit


What is your favorite summer outfit?

Stay tuned for our next blog-post!


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