Copenhagen Trip 2017- Day 3: Torverhallene & Christiania


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Today’s post is about our visit to Torverhallene and Christiania. We walked past Torverhallene a few times during this trip, as our hotel is close by. So for today, we decided to grab some breakfast here and check out the place at the same time.



Toverhallene consists of two indoor markets, with many food stands. There are also small shops with spices, meat, cheese, seafood, wine, coffee, as well as beauty products. We browsed through many of the food stands, and ended up at the one called “Grød”; which means porridge in English. There weren’t that many seats available, but luckily we managed to secure two seats at the benches at the window.

Inside Torverhallene


We had some chia seed porridge with almonds and peanut butter for breakfast



Our next destination of the day was Christiania, which is it like a free community within Copenhagen. It’s was an interesting little place, that’s very different from the rest of the city.  No photos was allowed inside, so we just checked out some of the art work and headed to Strøget.





Lunch and Dinner

We had a little shopping spree at Strøget, before getting some lunch at one of the restaurants nearby. Both of us ordered a burger, which was pretty good, especially the fries. But it was not a good idea to order such a filling lunch. As we had a dinner reservation an hour after our lunch.




Walked past the Torverhallene again on our way to the restaurant


Dinner time

We had dinner at a restaurant called the Olive. The food was so good. We ordered the wild mushroom soup (which is a creamy soup made from forest mushrooms) for starters, and for the main course, we had; stuffed pork tenderloin with goats cheese, baby spinach, apple mashed potatoes and red onion relish jus, and flank steak served with scalloped potatoes, brised vegetables, and Madagascar pepper sauce.

The Olive restaurant
Wild mushroom soup


The Olive restaurant
Stuffed pork tenderloin


Flank steak


We dropped by a bakery after dinner and got some cake for dessert (´。• ᵕ •。`) 💕.

What is your all time favorite cake?


This wraps up day 3 of our Copenhagen trip 💕



Stay tuned for our next Copenhagen Trip post!

-Milla & Jouls <3



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