What’s in my clutch?

Hello everyone~

I thought it would be fun to make a “What’s in my clutch?” blog post 🌸. Lately, I have been using my Superhero clutch quite often. So today, I would like to show you ‘the must-have items’ in my clutch. I usually don’t carry around that many items. But, there are just a few essential things in my purse/bag.


What’s in my clutch?

My first must-have item, are my sunglasses 😎. Since spring is finally here, which means that the sun☀️is at its strongest here in Norway. So sunglasses are a MUST for me, in order to avoid squinting too much, when being outside.

Oversized Rayban wayfarer
Oversized Ray-Ban Wayfarer


My second must-have item, is my mini iPad. I accessorized it with this colorful iPad cover, and a cell phone port dust cover. Overall this sort of reminds of an easter egg 🐰.

mini ipad
My easter egg looking iPad


I usually just use my iPad to browse the news and play games, especially during the times when I feel bored.

Mini ipad
Mini ipad


My third and fourth must-have item, is my wallet and house key. This flower wallet 👛🌸 is one of my favorite accessories for this spring. I bought this wallet during my trip to Tokyo, it sort of compliments my mint colored sjiraff key chain and ipad cover.

Flower wallet and sjiraff key chain
Flower wallet and sjiraff key chain


My fifth and sixth must-have item, are my Roses et Reines handcream and Roses et Reines Pink Lip Balm from L’Occitaine. It is still very cold outside, which makes it very important for me to keep my hands and lips moisturized.

Roses et Reines handcream and lip balm
Roses et Reines handcream and lip balm


My seventh must-have item is a pen ✒️, just in case I need to write something down.

My must-have items in my clutch
My must- have items in my clutch



And this wraps up my ‘What’s in my clutch post?‘ 💕

What are the ‘must-have essentials’ in your bag/purse? “

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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8 thoughts on “What’s in my clutch?

  1. I have those same Ray-Bans, I love them!
    I always carry a pen with me too – it has saved me so many times. 🙂
    My essentials are similar to yours. One thing I always carry is tissue since I never know if I have a runny nose or teary eyes!

    1. Those Ray-Bans are such a classic 😎
      Yeah a pen and tissue is always useful to have in a bag/purse ☺️

      -Milla <3

  2. The iPad cover is so cute! 😊
    What I always have in my bag, is a small makeup pouch, in case I need to freshen up on my makeup, my keys, wallet and phone.

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