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Seems like the winter is not quite here yet. It was snowing last week, however the snow has now melted away. So that means that I get to enjoy the autumn weather a bit longer, which is great since autumn is my favorite season.

The weather was really nice today, so I wanted to walk around the city, and enjoy the remaining days of autumn. Got to make the most of it, before it starts snowing again.


I decided to hang out at the Marinen area, near Nidelva. It is really nice there, especially during sunny days, such as today. There was not that many people there, so it felt like I had the park to myself at times.


It seems like I can never grow tired of looking at this city scenery. Even though I often walk pass this area.

It is difficult not to spot the Nidarosdomen in the background.


The park at Marinen is the perfect place to spot some of the famous attractions in Trondheim, such at the Gløshaugen campus, the Tyholt tower, Christiansten fortress and as I mention previously the Nidarosdomen Cathedral.


Not to mention, the park is only a five minute walk from the old Bybro. Which was where I headed to, after spending a few hours at the park.

Marinen park
Marinen park


Trondheim sightseeing
In this photo, you can see both the Christiansten Fortress and the Tyholt tower


Christiansten Fortress
Christiansten Fortress



Gamle Bybroen


The Bybroen is also one of the famous attractions of Trondheim. The area is quite charming itself, as you are surrounding by old colorful houses. This reminded me of the houses that I saw at Nyhavn during my Copenhagen trip, earlier this year. It sort of looks the pier area in Bergen as well 🙂


“Is it still autumn where you live? or has it started snowing yet?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post!

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