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Hello everybody~

Today I decided to make a haul post about the Manga that I just recently bought. One of our book-stores just had a pretty big sale so I thought like why not grab some new books and manga now that it is on sale. (ノ*°▽°*)



Book Haul; Manga ♡ :



★Naruto (ナルト)★

Starting of with a pretty know manga, Naruto (ナルト). I personally have never really been into this series before, but I decided to give it a try anyway since it is probably one of the most known manga series out there.( ´ ω ` )

♡Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami (監視官 狡噛慎也)♡

Psycho pass have always been one-off my favorite anime. And I were surprised when I found out that they had a Psycho pass manga. And not only that, the manga is about Kougami Shinya which is my favorite character so I just had to get it. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

✿Vampire Knight Official Fanbook✿

This next one is not exactly a manga, but it is an official Vampire Knight fanbook by Matsuri Hino aka. the mangaka (漫画家) herself. I used to be a huge fan off Vampire Knight so I dacided to buy it. There is 200 pages filled with Full-color illustrations, Character designs, Profiles, Interviews, Production sketches and so on. So if you are a fan off Vampire Knight then I do recommend you to get it. (≧◡≦)

Tokyo Ghoul: Void (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-[空白])


The last book is also not a manga, but a light novel of Tokyo Ghoul. I have read the manga, and to be honest the first part of it was pretty boring. But I decided to read the whole thing anyways, and it did get better but it is still not a favorite. But I thought that maybe the light novel would be better so I just bought it. And if you are interested then you should know that this light novel takes place during the six month gap between the Aogiri arc and the Raid of Kanou’s Lab arc.  (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b



“Do you guys have any manga recommendations?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Jouls <3

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