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Today’s post is a Bento recipe or more like a bento idea post🌸. To maybe give you some ideas of what you can pack in your lunch box. We both made a bento each, with pretty different stuff inside. Milla’s bento is more Norwegian/ Western themed, while mine is more Japanese themed. And we also go to use these super cute bento boxes that we bought in Tokyo. (– ω -)


Bento box no. 1

I prepared a pretty basic Japanese inspired lunch in bento box no. 1. It includes some simple white rice with some cute sakura furikake on top, some octopus sausages and some basic vegetables like tomatoes, salad and radish. 

Jouls Bento


To make the octopus sausage you basically just have to cut 8 slits half way in to the sausage and then boil it. I used some black sesame seeds for the eyes and used a straw to cut out the mouth from a slice of cheese. The furikake is from a 100 yen store in Tokyo. (*^^*)




Bento box no.2

I just prepared some simple snacks in bento box no. 2. As I love snacking on food through out the day.

Milla’s snack box


Since summer is coming up, I am now motivating myself to eat a little healthier than usual ヽ(o^―^o)ノ. So I packed some carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and radish in the first compartment of the bento.


In the second compartment, I added some mini mozzarella pearls, and some mini crispbread with seasalt. The crispbread is called “knekkebrød” in Norwegian, which many of us eat for lunch here. It’s a good substitute for bread, as eating bread for breakfast, lunch and late night supper can get a little boring.





What do you usually eat for lunch? “

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla & Jouls <3

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