Mini Accessory Haul

Hello everyone~

I am been loving accessorizing my outfits with necklaces lately. Which is huge improvement for me, as I’m usually too lazy to accessorize my outfits, during the early mornings.

I’m the kind of person who buys various accessories, but I end up never using them. So they just sit at my dressing table, collecting dust for the most part. So I am working on getting better at adding more accessories to my wardrobe.

New Necklaces

Lucky for me, there are a lot of sales in the stores at the moment. So when I went shopping the other day, I ended up buying a few necklaces. And I feel that some of my purchases have been quite the bargain.


The first two necklaces that I bought are these two:



They look pretty similar to each other, but I ended up buying both of them anyway, as they were on sale. Each necklace were 15 Norwegian kroner, around 2 USD, which is quite the bargain if you ask me. They are two of my favorite necklaces at the moment. And I think they just add a little extra to an outfit, whether it is a dress or a casual outfit.

Necklace no.3

The third necklace that I bought, was this colorful necklace. Which I think would look good with a summer dress.


Necklace no.4

I found this pearl necklace at an online store. This necklace would look good with a classic black dress, or a shirt + some jeans.


Necklace no.5

Another necklace that I got, was this knotted two-tone necklace. Which I think would look good with a plain shirt or blouse/top. Which is something that I usually would wear.




And this wraps up my mini accessory haul 💕

” Which one of these necklaces do you prefer ?” and “What is your favorite type of accessory?”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! ^^

-Milla <3

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8 thoughts on “Mini Accessory Haul

  1. I like all of the necklaces, rings are the accessory that I usually wear

    1. Rings are pretty, even though I don’t usually wear them ☺️


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